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Hi all! 

This pack contain a pixel art character for a 16x16 top down game like a rpg or survival.

the pack contain:

A character whit 4 differents hair color.

contain the front and back character animations:
- Idle ( idle whit axe, pickaxe and sword )
- Run ( Run whit axe, pickaxe and sword )
- cutting tree
- mining
- 2 attacks animations
- death ( Death whit axe, pickaxe and sword )

New addition:

- animations whit fishing rod ( idle, run, throwing, idle fishing, fish bite the line, struggling whit fish and catching the fish). 

- animation of climbing ladder.

I separate the 4 characters in 4 folder and make the gif and spritesheet of all animations.
I include a folder whit shadow spritesheets, i want to include in te gif too, but i could not.
And the editable aseprite file whit the animations.


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GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Survival
Tags2D, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Top-Down


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Can you make please a version of that characters with various weapons (magic book, magic scepter, gun, machine-gun, laser gun, longsword and invoke)? I will buy that sprites

Hi, I'm interested in your work and like it a lot. I'd like to contact you privately for character design for the game I'm working on, what is your email? Thanks!


Are you planning on updating the version on GameDev Market with the fishing and ladder climbing? I bought your stuff on there. If I have to buy this one again I guess I will, but I figured I'd ask first. Your work is awesome!

Ooh yeah, I'm sorry.

forget to update the post, in a few minutes it will be updated.


Thank you ! Its really Awesome.Just hope it will work well in my project >~<


I guess you partially answered this for up/down, but I was wondering if you could create a ladder climb animation?

I will try to make that animation, could you show me a picture of your tileset ladder?

I created a ladder that I think will work with the side view, but haven't had time to test it in my game yet.

I will attempt to make the regular ladder and get back to you.

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Here's a rough ladder rendition with character. Looks like I may need to expand the ladder by like 2 pixels (1 on each side) to fit the character.  The closest image I could find was using the attack animation, let me know if I should make the adjustments.  Thanks. 

okay, I will try to make that animation, I will update this post when I finish it.


Here's a larger ladder version, I tried to align the character better, not perfect, hope it helps.  Thanks

hi! Check the climb_ladder.png in the characters folders

I bought it via the Humble Bundle asset bundle.


Any way you could make four directional sprites? Up, down left and right?

I tried to make the directions to the left and right but it did not come out, the animations came out somewhat rough, and I decided to leave it like that, similar to an isometric view.

I'm sorry buddy.

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any way I can get the rough drafts of them? my email is markchapman.fin@gmail.com

The down sprite is really all that is missing for four directions, I can make an up down left and right work with what you have done so far.

You can make a free assets ? pls???

Hello, I am preparing some assets and I will put them for free here in itch, maybe this weekend I am finishing it and upload it.


I really like your style... however, I'd probably need a few more animations to make it usable for a project.

So, how many facing directions are there?

Good work so far!


Hello, thanks for your comment, I appreciate that you like my work.

All animations have the front and back as seen in the image of the character with yellow hair, except the fishing one that only has the front, I'm working on the back view

Really well made! Hope you keep on doing this amazing work! Would like to have a fishing rod animation tho, but other than that, great job!

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Hi! thank you very much, i will made that fishing animation, i will update the post when I finish it.

I love you style and your assets ^^ need more, have you already thought about creating a Patreon account? I'd happily send you $5 a month for you to develop assets in this style.


hi! thanks for your comment, i appreciate you like my work.

I never thought of creating a patreon account, I am not very active in the networks and I would not know what to upload.

I have thought of making more characters and enemies like this, if you have any request you can tell me in the comments, I will do my best to make good animations


It be lovely to see a couple of enemies in your style. It be nice to see enemies like bats, wolves, mushrooms or plants. Another idea would be some sorts of traps. Just an idea. :)

yeah, I know! Maybe in the future I will bring some of those enemies to itch.

thanks for the comment.